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The model QID-900 deflects the incoming positive or negatively charged ion beam at 90 degrees in a two-dimensional electrostatic quadrupole field*. The quadrupole field is set up using a combination circular electrode and shim electrodes to produce hyperbolic equipotentials. A set of entrance and exit einzel lens assemblies correct any 2-dimensional focusing of the ion beam through the quadrupole. Some possible applications for the model QID-900 include:

  • Merged ion-laser beam experiments
  • Merged ion-neutral beam experiments
  • Multiple beam line switching
  • Separation of ions from molecular/atomic/neutral beam particles
  • Separation of ions from photons
  • Cluster deposition and ion spectroscopy
  • Deflection of ions at either 90, 180 or 270 degrees
  • Energy Filter

The model QID-900 is also available mounted in a vacuum chamber (model QID-900-H).

SIMION 3D Geometry files available upon request. For more information, contact us via our contact page.

* H. D. Zeeman,  Rev. Sci. Instrum. 48, (1079) 1977.

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The picture above left shows a 1 keV H2O+ (left) and N2+ ion beam profiles before they are deflected, and after being deflected 90-degrees (right) using the model QID-900-H. The viewing area is 19mm diameter.  A model G-2 Ion Gun System with model E-2 controller were used to generate the ion beams. The images were recorded using the model BOS-18 beam observation system, with model BOS-18-OPT02-2122 CCD camera, and model IPS-1 image processing system.

QID 900
QID 900QID 900 Wired

Quadrupole QID-900