Product Overview

Beam Imaging Solutions presents the new model 450 ion beam decelerator for generating high current low energy ion beams. This decelerator was designed to increase low energy ion beam current by minimizing ion beam scattering with larger lens elements and also allowing for much higher initial ion beam energies before deceleration.

  Model 450-L Lens System

  Model 450 Decelerator

 Available in vacuum housing with two rotatable 8″ conflat flanges  and two 2.75″ conflat ports for the electrical connections. The housing is 6.750″ (171.45mm) long.

The performance curve above was generated by measuring the Ar+ beam current with a 10mm diameter collector approximately 2.5cm from the exit of the decelerator. The performance was measured up to 5keV initial Ar+ ion energy but the decelerator is designed to be used with beams up to 10keV. For these measurements, the decelerator was mounted 12″ (30cm) from the exit of a Beam Imaging Solutions model G-2 ion gun system with RFIS-100 ion source. The target/collector was floated to the ion beam retarding potential. Final ion beam energy was calculated by measuring the difference between the initial ion energy (accelerating potential) and retarding potential. In cases were the target must be kept at ground potential, the ion gun electrodes can be floated to a negative accelerating potential with maximum floating potential -1kV. The beam performance curve for a primary ion beam with 1 keV is shown below.

The decelerator is available with deceleration lens system  (Model 450-L)

SIMION Geometery files and simulations are available upon request. Please see our contact page for contact information.

Product Specifications

Lens Elements:

  • 304 Stainless Steel

Lens Element Spacers:

  • Alumina/ceramic

Lens Element Voltage rating:

  • Max. recommended 10kV

Feedthrough Type:

  • Two , 3-terminal 5kV MHV Feedthroughs , Standard (Two, 3 terminal 10kV SHV-10 optional)

UHV Compatible

  • Vacuum housing with 6″ OD tube and 8″ rotatable conflats, 6.750″ (171.45mm) long. Two, 2.75″ conflat ports included for electrical connections.

Weight with vacuum housing:

  • 20.5 pounds ~9kg

Model 450 Decelerator NEW!