Product Overview

Beam Imaging Solutions (BIS) presents the new DCIS-100 ion source assembly. This ion source is of the Colutron hot cathode discharge type and used with the Model G-1 and Model G-2 Ion Gun Systems.This source is similar to the Colutron boron nitride ion source (Model 100) design but constructed from highly durable alumina ceramic (Al2O3). Unlike the boron nitride source, the initial outgas time of the DCIS-100 is measured in minutes, instead of hours due to the hygroscopic nature of boron nitride. The alumina is also more mechanically durable than it’s boron nitride counterpart. The DCIS-100 is also more durable than the Colutron model 100-Q quartz ion source and capable of higher temperature and anode discharge current for higher current ion beams. A new Colutron type heat sink that can generate an axial magnetic field in the discharge chamber is now available.


Model DCIS-100


Model DCIS-101

The ion source is available as a complete assembly (model-100) with ion source (model DCIS-101), receptacle flange (DCIS-102), gas tee, and solid charge holder. The DCIS-101 ion source is also available separately and will plug into a standard Colutron receptacle flange. The ion source with oven is also available. The oven is used for vaporizing solid materials up to 2000C.

The legacy Colutron model 100-Q ion source and spare parts are also now available from Beam Imaging Solutions. Many parts such as the filaments, anodes, contact wires and source receptacle flange are interchangeable between the legacy quartz and ceramic versions. Parts for the Boron Nitride version are available as well.

Product Specifications

Ion Source Flange:

  • 2.75″ Conflat, Model DCIS-102, 5 Terminal with gas input(1/4″)

Power Supply Requirements:

  • Filament: 16V, 20A
  • Anade: 250v, 0.5A

Model DCIS-100-O, and DCIS-101-O Oven Ion Sources (Temperatures up to 2000C)

  • Oven Power Supply Requirements: 6V, 12A

Model DCIS-103 Heat Sink with Solenoid Magnetic Field



The DCIS-103 heat sink is similar to the Colutron heat sink except that it also has a solenoid magnet coil. The magnetic field can be used to improve confinement of primary ionizing electrons in the plasma, which can enhance ionization and improve beam currents. The heat sink is available in two versions. The standard version, Model DCIS-103 has 2 layers of wire and can achieve about 150 Gauss at 10 amps. The optional DCIS-103-2* has 4 layers of wire and can achieve 300 Gauss at 10 amps.

* The DCIS-103-2 requires a specialized type Colutron insulator flange to accommodate the outer diameter of the solenoid which is approximately 2.75″. This special insulator is available from Beam Imaging Solutions (Model DCIS-500).


DCIS Hydrogen

Enhancement of proton (H+) ion beam current with DCIS-103 heat sink and Colutron model 100 ion source at 3keV. A Colutron model G-1 ion gun was used to mass separate the beam. The model FC-1 faraday cup was used to measure the beam current at 12″ from the exit of the ion gun.