HRBIS (High Resolution Beam Imaging Systems)

High resolution multi-configurable coherent fiber-optic based systems with combination microchannel plate (MCP) and phosphor screen type imaging of electron, ion and neutral beams, as well as X-rays and UV. Two- and three-dimensional beam profile analysis achievable with multi-configurable systems.



BOS (Beam Observation Systems)

Combination microchannel plate (MCP) with phosphor screen type imaging assemblies are available separately or are incorporated into standard size vacuum flanges with viewports for quick and easy profile analysis of electron, ion and neutral beams, as well as X-rays and UV.



Phosphor Screens

Custom and standard size and type phosphor screens are available for a wide range of imaging applications.

Phosphor Screens

Phosphor Screens 2

Ion Sources

RF and DC (filament) ion sources compatible with the Colutron®  ion gun systems.

Ion Sources

Ion Sources 2

Ion Guns

Colutron® type ion gun systems (1eV – 20keV).

Ion Guns

Ion Guns 2

Velocity Filters

E X B type modified Wien type filters with electrostatic guard rings to eliminate the cylindrical focus effect of a standard Wien filter.

Velocity Filters

Verlocity Filter

Ion Beam Decelerators

Menzinger type ion beam decelerators.

Ion Beam Decelerators


Ion Beam Deflectors

Two 90-degree ion beam bending deflectors are offered. A bending quadrupole with focus lens and a concentric parallel plate type system.

QUID 900


FC-1 Faraday Cup

Flange mountable magnetically shielded Faraday cup with electron screening, and low energy charge exchange ion suppression. Optional FC-/OPT01 Faraday cup with push pull feedthrough is also available.