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Beam Imaging Solutions (BIS) is dedicated to new innovative imaging solutions for particle and photon (UV, X-ray) beams and offers a wide range of imaging products to fit your particular application and budget. Our products range from stand alone phosphor screens to high resolution beam imaging systems with 2-D and 3-D imaging capabilities.  We specialize in microchannel plate (MCP) and phosphor screen based imaging arrays for imaging ion, electron and neutral beams as well as X-rays and UV. Microchannel plate detector assemblies are also available. Beam Imaging Solutions also offers ion beam deflectors (quadrupole) , faraday cups and ion sources.

Beam Imaging Solutions News

  • The new model 450 Ion Beam decelerator designed for high current, low energy Ion Beams is released.

  • The new Model CIBD-100 and CIBD-100-H Columbia ion beam deflector (90 degree) is released.

  • The new model BOS-25-IW image wedge is released to compliment the BOS beam observation image wedge line. Now image wedge units are available in 18mm, 25mm, 40mm and 75mm formats.

  • Company News

    Colutron Ion Beam Products are now being offered by Beam Imaging Solutions. Complete ion gun systems with controllers featuring either the standard Colutron filament ion sources or the new Beam Imaging Solutions RF ion source are available as an option. The standard Colutron ion gun type systems are now being offered in either a 10keV […]

  • The new RF-100 Power Supply Control Unit is now available. The RF-100 is made to replace the Colutron DC ion source power supplies (anode, filament) for customers who have a Colutron model E-1 or E-2 ion gun controller and are converting their system to operation with the RFIS-100 ion source.

  • The Colutron model GR-3-6 velocity filter control unit has been upgraded from 325V to 1000V operation. This allows for a much stronger electric field for the Colutron velocity filters and can greatly enhance mass resolution. The new velocity filter control unit, model GR-3-6-1000 is now available from Beam Imaging Solutions.

  • The new BOS-75-IW (75mm) Image Wedge is released to complement the existing BOS-18-IW (18mm) and BOS-40 (40mm) Image Wedges. The Image Wedges are typically used to observe a beam at 90 degrees using a mirror mounted at 45 degrees to the beam axis. The BOS-IW units can be pushed into and out of the beam […]

  • The new DCIS-103 and DCIS-103-2 Colutron® type Heat Sinks are released. These Heat Sinks can generate an axial magnetic field in the discharge region with an electric solenoid magnet.

  • The new DCIS-100 and DCIS-101 Colutron type ion source assemblies are released. These ion sources are of the Colutron® DC filament type with Al2O3 (Ceramic) construction.

  • The new model BOS-40-8 with 40mm diameter active area is now available with 8″conflat mount.

  • The new model RFIS-100 ion source assembly is now available. The RFIS-100 is a RF ion source operating at 13.56 MHz. It is designed to be retrofittable to the standard Colutron® model G-1 and G-2 ion gun systems. Customers that do not already own a Colutron ion gun can purchase the new source to fit […]

  • The new model BOS-25 with 25mm diameter active area is now available in a 4.5″ and 6″ conflat mount.

  • The new model FC-1 Faraday cup for positive ion beam current measurements.

  • The new BOS-75 with 75mm active area and 8″ conflat mount is now available.

  • The new 90-degree BOS-18-IW and BOS-40-IW are now available. These new imaging systems consist of the standard BOS MCP/phosphor screen assemblies mounted to a wedge shaped housing which has a mirror mounted at 45 degrees with respect to the image plane. The BOS-IW can be pushed into and out of the beam line so that […]

  • Standard BOS-18 and BOS-40 imagers are now available with removable fiberoptic windows.(Includes the BOS-40-6, 6″ flange mount units.)

  • New 6″ conflat® flange mount BOS-25-6-EXT and BOS-40-6-EXT imagers, with 25mm and 40mm diameter active areas respectively with the imaging component extended into vacuum system. The extension distance is defined by the customer to fit his/her particular imaging application.

  • New 6″ conflat® flange mount BOS-25-6 and BOS-40-6 imagers with 25mm and 40mm diameter active areas respectively now available to compliment our growing BOS line of products. Available with removable 3-3/8″ conflat® viewport or coherent fiberoptic window.

  • Company Started

    Beam Imaging Solutions Incorporated in the state of Colorado.