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Standard Parts

The table below shows the specifications of some of our standard phosphor screens used by our HRBIS and BOS imagers. For a price quote of any of our standard screens or custom phosphor screen with a different size, phosphor type or substrate type (i.e. glass, fiberoptic, mylar etc…), please use our convenient request for quotation form.

Part NumberSubstrate MaterialPhosphor TypePhosphor ThicknessDimensions Ø (mm)Effective Area Ø (mm)Thickness (mm)Tapered Ratio
Input SurfaceOutput SurfaceInput SurfaceOutput Surface
18-008Pyrex DiscP43 AluminizedP43: 10-15 µm Al: 250-500 Å25.025.019.919.91.50N/A
18-008-ITOPyrex DiscP43 ITO UndercoatP43: 10-15 µm25.025.019.919.91.50N/A
25-008Pyrex DiscP43 AluminizedP43: 10-15 µm32.732.730.230.21.50N/A
25-008-ITOPyrex DiscP43 ITO UndercoatP43: 10-15 µm32.732.730.230.21.50N/A
40-008Pyrex DiscP43 AluminizedP43: 10-15 µm, Al: 250-500 Å50.050.044.944.91.50N/A
40-008-ITOPyrex DiscP43 ITO UndercoatP43: 10-15 µm50.050.044.944.91.50N/A
40-FO (For BOS-40 with Fiberoptic Viewport)Fiber-OpticP43 AluminizedP43:10-15 µm, Al: 250-500 Å41.0050.835.9635.9620.881:1
75-008Pyrex DiscP43 AluminizedP43:10-15 µm, Al: 250-500 Å86.686.681.581.51.50N/A
75-008-ITOPyrex DiscP43 ITO UndercoatP43: 10-15 µm, Al: 250-500 Å86.686.651.581.51.50N/A
75-FO (For BOS-75 with Fiberoptic Viewport)Fiber-OpticP43 AluminizedP43:10-15 µm, Al: 250-500 Å86.3692.2581.381.320.881:1
1000-705-1Fiber-OpticP43 AluminizedP43: 10-15 µm, Al: 250-500 Å22.322.319.6919.696.361:1
2000-705-2Fiber-OpticP43 AluminizedP43: 10-15 µm, Al: 250-500 Å28.1413.725.612.828.02:1
3000-705-3Fiber-OpticP43 AluminizedP43: 10-15 µm, Al: 250-500 Å41.013.738.512.84.03:1
4000-705-4Fiber-OpticP43 AluminizedP43: 10-15 µm, Al: 250-500 Å54.813.752.313.1604:1

Product Specifications

Phosphor Specifications Chart

Phosphor Type*Chemical CompositionTypical Peak WavelengthFluorescent ColorChromaticity Coordinates
Decay Time
u=micro, n=nano, m=milli
Typical Quantum Yield (photons/eV/electron)Typical Absolute Efficiency (radiated watts/watt excitation)Remarks
P1GJZn2SiO4:Mn2+525nmYellowish-green0.218, 0.7121-100ms--Used in Oscilloscopes, Radar
P11BEZnS:Ag460nmBlue0.139, 0.14834us0.0380.10Good energy conversion (efficiency) for blue light
P15GGZnO:Zn504nmGreen0.246, 0.4391-10us--Used in Flying-spot equipment, photography
P20KA(Zn,Cd)S:Ag560nmYellow-green0.426, 0.54660us0.0630.14Good energy conversion (efficiency) for green light, Good for UV radiation, 250nm to 300nm
P22 RXXY202S:Eu3+-Reddish-orange0.639, 0.3531-100ms--Used in color TV
P22 GXXZnS:Cu, Al-Yellowish-green0.281, 0.6211-100ms--Used in color TV
P22 BXXZnS:Ag-Blue0.147, 0.1521-100ms--Used in color TV
P24GEZnO:Zn510nmGreen0.238, 0.4171-10us--Flying-spot equipment
P31GHZnS:Cu520nmGreen0.296, 0.57710us-1ms--Used in Oscilloscopes
P43GYGd2O2S:Tb3+545nmGreen0.344, 0.5681ms0.05-Excellent scintillator for x-rays < 250nm. Emission efficiency: 13%. Absorption characteristics: K-edge, 50.22 keV Effective atomic # 59.5.
P45WBY2O2S:Tb3+-White0.251, 0.3041-100ms--Used in displays
P46KGY3AI5O12:Ce3+530nmYellow-green0.294, 0.532300ns--Flying-spot equipment
P47BHY2SiO5:Ce3+400nmViolet-blue0.173, 0.08855ns0.055-Fast Decay Photography
P48KHY3AI5O12:Ce3+ (70%)
Y2SiO5:Ce3+ (30%)
-Yellow-green0.392, 0.507---Flying-spot equipment
P53KJY3AI5O12:Tb3+544nmYellowish-green0.392, 0.5071-100ms--Head-up displays

* EIA- Electronics Industries Association of the USA. These symbols have been in use since 1945.

WTDS- Worldwide Phosphor Type Declaration System. Established in 1982.

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