Ion Sources

Beam Imaging Solutions now offers two new ion sources for the standard Colutron type model G-1 and G-2 ion gun accelerator systems. The RF ion source operates with a RF power supply at 13.56 MHz with manual adjust match network to produce an inductively coupled plasma (ICP). The DC ion source is of the Colutron type hot cathode DC discharge source. Customers that do not already own a Colutron ion gun can purchase the new sources to fit to their own ion accelerator systems. The model G-1 and G-2 ion gun systems are now also available from Beam Imaging including the model E-1 and E-2 control systems. Please contact Beam Imaging Solutions technical support at for assistance.

RFIS-100 Ion Source

The model RF-100 is an alternative ion source to the standard Colutron type filament source. It can be adapted to the Colutron ion gun platform. The source includes match network and a RF Power supply is also available. Compared to the standard DC filament source, benefits of the RF source include longer operating times between maintenance, longer operation with reactive gasses like oxygen, and higher beam currents.

DC-100 Ion Source Assembly

The model DC-100 is of the standard Colutron type filament source. It is a direct plug in replacement with alumina (Al2O3) construction. Compared to the RF source, benefits of the DC source include low energy spread and the ability to run a wider range of solid materials from an insertable charge holder.


Ion Sources