Product Overview

Model G-2 bakeable ion gun with liquid cooled electromagnet.

Model G-1 non-bakeable ion gun.

Beam Imaging Solutions (BIS) has two Ion Gun systems to offer. Each Gun includes an ion source assembly, heat sink, acceleration and focusing system, vertical deflection plates, a 6″ long velocity filter and a velocity filter guard ring control unit. Components are assembled in a vacuum housing fitted with a flange for mounting onto the customer’s equipment. The guard ring control unit can be mounted into a standard 19″ rack panel. Custom flanges and additional ports may be ordered if needed. When a beam decelerator is required with the gun, an adapter flange is included (model G-1-D and G-2-D Ion Guns). Beam Imaging also offers control units (E-series) for the above Ion Gun Systems. The control units include all power supplies needed to operate the Ion Gun as well as a cooling unit for the ion source and vacuum gauge controls. All Ion Beam Components are also available separately or in complete sets (ion source, heat sink, velocity filter, extraction and focus lens system). These complete sets are referred to as an Ion Beam Kit.

Ion Guns Model G-1 and G-1-D (non-bakeable)

The model G-1 can be operated in an energy range of 500 eV to 10 keV (with optional 20keV). If an ion beam energy less than 500 eV is required, we recommend using the model G-1-D, which includes the model 400 decelerator and can produce mass selected ion beams with energies as low as 1 eV. The vacuum housing of the model G-1 series is made of a polished stainless steel tube, 6″ in diameter and approximately 19″ long. The length includes the model 500 insulator-mounting flange. The total length of the G-1-D is 23 1/8″ when used with the model 400 decelerator. Both Ion Gun housings are supplied with a 6″ ID roughing port. The standard exit flange on the models G-1 and G-1-D are an 8″ OD and 6″ ID conflat flange. The model G-1-D, however, has a 2 3/4″ exit flange when used with the decelerator. Both the model G-1 and G-1-D are good for vacuum use to 10-7 Torr and are not designed for bakeout.

Ion Guns Model G-2 and G-2-D (bakeable)

The G-2 and G-2-D Ion Guns are both designed to operate in the 500 eV to 10 keV (with optional 20keV) energy range. The G-2-D Ion Gun however, which has the optional model 400 decelerator, can be used down to 1 eV. There are two differences between the G-1 and G-2 series Ion Guns. The G-2 Ion Guns are designed to be bakeable to 200o C, for use with ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems. The magnet coils on the velocity filter are encapsulated in a stainless steel jacket and are liquid cooled, thus allowing for higher currents and magnetic field strength. BIS recommends the CU-1 cooling unit for magnet and ion source cooling. The dimensions of the G-2 and G-2-D are the same as the G-1 and G-1-D respectively. Both the G-2 and G-2-D are designed to be good for a vacuum use to 10-9 Torr.

Product Specifications

Performance Specifications For G-1 and G-2 Series Guns

Beam Energy:

  • G-1, G-2 [500 eV to 10 keV, (Optional 20keV )]
  • G-1-D, G-2-D [1 eV to 10 keV, (Optional 20keV)]


  • M/D M ~ 400

Ion Current:

  • Up to 20 micro-amp focussed, 100 micro-amp unfocussed

Power Supply Requirements for G-1 and G-2 Series Guns

NOTE: Power Supply control units are available separately. Please follow the link to our E-Series Control units for more information.

Ion Source:

  • Filament 16 V – 20 A, Anode 0 – 150 V, 0.4 A

IMPORTANT: Use voltage regulated power supplies for the ion source.

Lens System:

  • 0 – 10 kV, 1 mA Acceleration Voltage, 0 – 10 kV, 0.5 mA Focussing Voltage

Vertical Deflection Plates:

  • 0 – 400 V, 1mA

Velocity Filter Magnet:

  • Model G-1: 9.5 V, 3 A
  • Model G-2:  28 V, 14 A Continuous operation

Velocity Filter Deflection Plates:

  • 0 – 350 V, 50 mA (Floating outputs)



The model G-1 is shown above. Model G-2 which has the same dimensions as the G-1 uses cooling connections for the velocity filter model 600-B, which are not shown in the drawing. The vacuum port and ion beam exit port are both standard rotatable 8″ Conflats, with a 6″ ID, with a 20 hole bolt pattern. The three electrical feed-through ports and vacuum gauge port are standard non-rotatable 2 3/4″ Conflats, with 1 1/2″ ID. Extra ports are also available.


The BIS model G-3 (shown above) is a gun system without a velocity filter. The whole system is bakeable and has standard rotatable 8″ conflats, with a 6″ ID. Vertical and horizontal beam deflectors are provided. Power requirements for the ion source, lens system, and deflection plates are the same as for the G-1 and G-2 Ion Guns. Extra ports are also available.

Circuit Diagram for Colutron Ion Beam Kit & Colutron Ion Guns Model G-1 and G-2

Circuit Diagram

Circuit diagram of BIS Ion Beam Kits and Gun Systems without decelerator

Circuit Diagram

Circuit diagram of BIS Ion Beam Kits and Gun Systems with Decelerator

Optional Equipment for BIS Ion Gun Systems

Custom flanges and ports. Custom flanges and additional ports may be ordered with the BIS Ion Gun Systems. Contact Beam Imaging for a quote.

Model 400 Beam Decelerator:BIS recommends the beam decelerator (model 400) for ion energies less than 500 eV. The model G-1-D and model G-2-D include the standard model G-1 and G-2 respectively with optional model 400 decelerator and model 400-A adaptor flange.

Ion Gun Control Units:BIS offers control units (E-series) for the above Ion Gun Systems. The control units include all power supplies needed to operate the Ion Gun as well as a cooling unit for the ion source. Vacuum gauge controls are also included.

Beam Observation Systems:The optional Beam Viewing Systems (BOS) make it a snap to tune up the spatial profile of the ion beam. The systems are an invaluable aid in the initial startup of the ion gun.

Ion Gun Systems