Product Overview

Beam Imaging Solutions (BIS) offers control units for both the models G-1 and G-2 Ion Gun Systems. These are the models E-1 and E-2 for the Ion Guns model G-1 and G-2 respectively. Since the ion guns can use either the legacy Coultron type filament source (Model DCIS-100) or the new Beam Imaging Solutions RFIS-100 ion Source, a separate interchangeable set of ion source power supplies are available.

If the DCIS-100 ion source is used, the E series controller is ordered with the Model DC-100 power supply system. For the RFIS-100 RF ion source, the E series controller is ordered with the RF-100 power supply. Power supplies are mounted within a plexiglass enclosure so they can be floated to 20kV.

Model E-1 with DC-100 Power Supply

Model E-2 with RF-100 Power Supply

Product Specifications

Model E-1/E-2 and E-1-D/E-2-D Ion Gun Controllers Specifications

  • The model E-1 and E-1-D controllers are used with the models G-1 and G-2 Ion Gun Systems respectively.

Model DCIS-100 Power Supply,


DC Ion Source:

  • Colutron filament source models DCIS-100 (Ceramic) and DCIS-100-Q (Quartz)

Ion Source:

  • Filament 35 V – 20 A, Anode 0 – 160 V, 0.4 A

Model RF-100 Power Supply,

RF Ion Source:

  • Model RFIS-100

RF Generator:

  • 600W, 13.56 MHz

Acceleration Supply:

  • 10kV, 2.5mA (Optional 20kV, 1mA)

Isolation Transformer (Ion Source Power Supplies):

  • 10kVA

Focus Supply:

  • 10kV, 3mA

Velocity Filter Magnet:

  • 25V, 5A (Model E-1, E-1-D)

Velocity Filter Magnet:

  • 35V, 20A (Model E-2, E-2-D)

Velocity Filter Horizontal Deflection:

  • 350V, 0.2A

Velocity Filter Vertical Deflection:

  • 250V, 0.25A

Optional Decelerator (Model E-1-D, E-2-D)

Acceleration Supply:

  • 1kV, 10mA, 10mV ripple, Floating Outputs

Beam Energy Supply:

  • 1kV, 10mA, 10mV Ripple, Reversible Outputs

Vacuum Gauge Controller:

  • Terranova Model 924A

Ion Gun Controllers