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MCP Coating, (Input Side)Choose from CsI, CuI, MgF2, MgO, KBr, Cu, and Au

Phosphor CoatingPlease state desired phosphor type and conductive coating type if required

FIberoptic ConduitPlease state desired length and type of fiberoptic conduit

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Power Supplies:

Bench Top (Economical)19" Rack MountSingle MCP, 0-1kVDual MCP, 0-2kVPhosphor Screen, 0-5kV

Beam Attenuation Grids for prolonging MCP life

Ion beams greater than 3.2 nA/mm2, 90% beam attenuation (1 grid)Ion beams greater than 31.8 nA/mm2, 99% beam attenuation (2 grids)Ion beams greater than 318.nA/mm2, 99.9% beam attenuation (3 grids)

Image Processing System

Video monitor, PCI bus Frame grabber, Image Processing Software

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